Understanding Of Ninjutsu

This is a form of martial arts that is also known as ninjas. It is an ancient form of Japanese practice which combines mental alertness along with strategy. Those who practice such martial arts techniques are referred to as ninjas. It is widely thought that a ninja a killer and a fierce warrior, but that is not what Ninjitsu is all about, at least the ancient significance of this martial art form.


History of Ninjutsu

The practice of these martial arts started when feudal reign was dominant in Japan. This was at a time when samurai power was predominant and the training and schools on Ninjutsu prevailed at such times, dating back to 1100 or even earlier. The practitioners in this technique focused on espionage techniques. The sly and cunning moves and strategies are the focus of Ninjutsu training which was primarily to gather information and not necessarily to start a war, fight or violence. There are eighteen disciplines in this form of martial arts training. Some are found in the modern self-defense and martial arts training that is given, but there was more focus on manipulation of situations and mental acuity. There has been mystique and mystery surrounding this art form and many ninjas are even thought to have had supernatural powers. Some were considered to be deadly and vicious warriors.

In earlier times when the feudal lords controlled land and fought over issues of land and honor, ninjutsu’s were trained by such lords in order to gather information on the rival lords, their plans, and movements.

Features of Ninjutsu

This form of martial arts focused on developing physical agility and espionage techniques. Hence the wearing of masks and dark clothing are part of the dress code of ninjas. They are trained to move silently, unnoticed and quick. They are usually not sent on missions to kill, but they are equipped with injury and war techniques as per the assignment demands. Their skills are common to that of samurais as per the philosophies and training rigors. Samurais focused on the art of battle as well as sword fighting techniques. However, some experts state that they are an anti samurai in their techniques as they operate in hidden ways and have more closeted techniques of operation.